Staatsarchiv Freiburg, Akten des Zentrums für Psychiatrie Emmendingen, Bestand G 1215/3, Nr. 204


BOOK LAUNCH "Material Cultures of Psychiatry" (Monika Ankele / Benoît Majerus) with Catharine Coleborne (University of Newcastle, Australia), Bart Marius (Museum Dr. Guislain, Belgium), Louise Hide (Birkbeck, University of London), Marianna Scarfone (University of Strasbourg), 25.03.2021 (Online)

LECTURE Becoming a “good” hospital? Spatial configurations in mental asylums in Germany around 1900, Conference "Space and the Hospitals", International Network for the History of Hospitals, Lissabon, 26.-28.05.2021 (Online)

LECTURE „Es sei hier so laut, besonders das Zuschlagen der Türen ruiniere ihre Nerven.“ Über die materiellen Dimensionen von ‚noise‘ in der Psychiatrie um 1900 (Arbeitstitel), Conference on "The Noise of Medicine", University Innsbruck, 10.-12.06.2021 (Online)

LECTURE Transparent boundaries. Material and performative aspects of dynamic boundary control in the context of the COVID19 pandemic, with Céline Kaiser (Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen, Ottersberg), Conference on "Covid19 - Beyond Borders, University of Vienna, 06.-09.07.2021